"We know what we are, but know not, what we may be."

       William Shakespeare



I am an experienced, qualified counsellor. Having been in private practise and in having worked in organisations such as the NHS, victim support, addiction centres, and in mental health for over the last decade. I have gained substantial experience of helping people with a broad range of issues.


I use a treatment model which aims to bring effective change by exploring the roots of your current problems, which seeks not only to remove symptomatic suffering, but also to help you live at your highest capacity- free to love and be loved, to work, create and to feel fully engaged with life.


I believe Counselling not only offers professional support in difficult times, but is also an opportunity to grow, develop and to understand ourselves more fully, leading us to discover an availability of previously hidden potential.


Anyone facing personal issues such as depression, feeling continually sad, discontented, problems with anxiety, stress, feelings of loss, relationship problems or stuck in self-destructive patterns would benefit from counselling and psychotherapy.


I see the person as more than your "symptoms" and work collaboratively with my clients to ensure the focus is on the issues you want to resolve and that real change is happening in the "real world" outside of the counselling room, while ensuring the cause(s) are being explored and worked through.


I offer a space which is confidential and non judgemental- a space which is safe to explore your issues and yourself, towards growth and a deeper potential within.


I have a sliding scale for fees and have some slots for low paying clients



"...the more one can laugh when happy, cry when sad, use anger appropriately to set firm limits (assertiveness) and give and receive tenderness fully and openly, the further one is from suffering. And the fuller one is with the joy of existence, the more generous one can be towards others."

Leigh McCullough Vaillant (Changing Character, 1997)













Mark Goss counsellor

Mark Goss

Counsellor & Psychotherapist


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